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European Pony School

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3184 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa 707.546.7669

About the
European Pony School

European Pony School

Our Instructors

Zabou Cullum, Director
Zabou was born and raised in France where she started riding at the age of 12 in a similar program to the European Pony School. She competed at show jumping through the upper levels. Zabou came to Santa Rosa in 1987 to work for Yves and Christine Sauvignon, the founders of Oakridge Training Stables (now Santa Rosa Equestrian Center) and the European Pony School.

She stayed at Oakridge as a manager and instructor until 2006. Zabou teaches children with the same high standards she was taught. She strongly believes that while learning to ride and care for ponies is a lot of fun, it also teaches body coordination, focus, control of emotions, responsibility and tenacity.

Katie Franchini, Instructor
Katie started her riding career right here at the European Pony School. Her childhood pony, Taffy, is one of our most popular school ponies. Katie competes at the preliminary level with her Thoroughbred, Cozzell. She is also an important presence at shows when Team EPS competes. Katie has been an instructor at EPS since 2004.

Outdoor Jumping Arena

Pony Shool Riders

The European Pony School is a riding academy for children ages 5-15 located in Santa Rosa, California. Founded in 1986, the European Pony School has developed a reputation not only for its success in teaching children the skills of horsemanship and riding, but also for encouraging self discipline, responsibility and self esteem.

Many Pony School graduates have reached the top level of national and international competition, while many others safely enjoy the local shows and pleasures of trail riding. No matter what kind of riding they choose to pursue all of our students are taught to value the partnership between horse and rider.

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Try our European Pony School.

We offer full day and half day camps during the summer and the weeks of winter and spring breaks. Our day camp program is the ultimate adventure for kids ages 6 to 13! With daily riding sessions as well as hands-on horsemanship instruction each camper will enjoy a unique experience they will treasure.

This year we are offering 2 camps with the option to do a Full day camp $280 or a Mini day camp $180.
  • #1 - Tuesday March 18 - Friday March 21.
    (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • #2 - Tuesday April 15 - Friday April 18.
    (Intermediate to Advanced)

This year we are offering 4 and 5 day camps, the prices are as follow:
  • 5 Days Mini camp $225 per session. 4 Days Mini camp $180 per session. (9am to 12:15pm)
  • 5 Days Full camp $350 per session. 4 Days Full camp $280 per session. (9am to 3pm, extended care available)

  • Camp #3: Tuesday June 3-Friday June 6.
    --$280.00 (All Levels)
  • Camp #4: Monday June 9-Friday 11.
    --$350.00 ADVANCED - (in barn riders only)
  • Camp #5: Monday June 16-Friday 20.
    --$350.00 (Introductory to Intermediate)
  • Camp #6: Tuesday June 23-Friday 27.
    --$225.00 FRENCH option - (All levels)
  • Camp #7: Tuesday July 1-Friday 4.
    --$180.00 (Introductory to Intermediate)
  • EVA: Wednesday July 9-Friday 13.
    --$TBA Advanced-Eventful Acres camp
  • Camp #8: Monday July 14-Friday 18.
    --$350.00 (Introductory to Intermediate)
  • Camp #9: Monday July 21- Friday 25.
    --$350.00 (All levels)
  • Camp #10: Monday July 28-Friday August 1.
    --$225.00 (Introductory to Intermediate)
  • Camp #11: Monday August 4-Friday 8.
    --$350.00 (All Levels)
  • Camp #12: Monday August 11-Friday 15.
    --$225.00 FRENCH option - (All levels)

Camp schedules and prices are included on our annual camp registration forms.

Camp Registration Form

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